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"Salma" - I am a kind and loving leader

"Salma" - I am a kind and loving leader

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Hi, I'm Salma, which means "Safe" or "Peaceful". I am your magical angel doll, and my superpower is to guide you to be a kind and confident leader!

You know, being a leader isn't just about telling people what to do. It's about listening, understanding, and caring about others. Just like how you take care of your toys and share with your friends, you show everyone that a leader is loving and kind.

Every time you play with me, remember that your heart is full of love, and that's what makes you a fantastic leader. When you help others, make fair choices, and lead with a smile, you show the world how special and strong you truly are.

So, let's spread kindness, make friends, and shine brightly as the leaders we are meant to be! With each decision you make, remember to lead with your big, beautiful heart, because that's where true leadership starts!

I am wearing:

  • a beautiful brown skirt with embroidered white roses and pockets
  • a pastel green tulle underskirt
  • a pastel green top with crochet elements
  • a knitted brown hat (removable) with a flower
  • pastel green socks (removable)

My wings are brown and my legs are white.

You can put my hands into the pockets of my skirt.

My accessories include:

  • a large star
  • a knitted brown wristband (left hand) and a tulle pastel green bow on the right hand
  • tulle pastel green scarf with a rose and

I come with an empowering message and a coloring sheet with positive affirmations.

I have a hanging string included but I can also be sited with some back support.

I am 60cm (23.6 in) long and I come carefully packaged in a large box 60x20x10cm (23.6 x 7.87 x 3.93 in).

Packaging is eco friendly and 100% recyclable.

I am not machine washable.


Lenght: c.60cm (excluding hanging string)

Width of the wings: c.18cm

Weight: c.240g

Care Instructions

Not machine washable

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Our angel dolls aren't designed as toys. Parental supervision is recommended

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