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"Anahi" - for our Mommy

"Anahi" - for our Mommy

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Hi Mommy, meet Anahi! We chose her because her name means 'Immortal' and she reminded us of you, always full of energy and warmth. She's your very own magical angel doll, made with all the love we can muster.

Anahi's superpower is to hug you the way we do, especially when we're not around. She carries all our giggles, bedtime stories, and even the tiny whispered secrets we've shared with her.

Every time you feel her soft touch, remember it's filled with our love. And the little sparkle in her eyes? That's all the times you made our day brighter, just by being our mommy.

We wanted you to have her so even when we're all grown up, you can hold her and remember the days when our little hands made big messes, told big stories, and gave big hugs.

So here's Anahi, a tiny 'thank you' for the biggest love we've ever known. Because you, Mommy, are the best, and we want you to always remember that


She is wearing:

  • a brown skirt
  • a red jumper with crochet finish
  • red lace up crochet shoes

Her wings are light brown and her legs are white.

Her accessories include:

  • a red belt
  • a large red heart
  • choker necklace with a rose

Hanging string included.


Lenght: c.60cm (excluding hanging string)

Width of the wings: c.18cm

Weight: c.240g

Care Instructions

Not machine washable

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Our angel dolls aren't designed as toys. Parental supervision is recommended

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