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"Aelia" - For the Best Teacher

"Aelia" - For the Best Teacher

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Hi, I'm Aelia, and I'm a special handmade angel doll, crafted with love and admiration for you, dear Teacher. My name means 'Sunlight,' reflecting the illumination and guidance you bring to every life you touch.

As the Angel of Wisdom, my superpower lies in celebrating your incredible ability to inspire, nurture, and cultivate minds. Just as you have shaped countless futures, let me be a symbol of the respect and gratitude that you've earned.

When you look at me, remember the sparkle in the eyes of those you've taught, the minds you've enlightened, and the hearts you've touched.

In your hands, I represent not just a 'Thank You,' but a tribute to your dedication, your patience, and your unwavering belief in the potential of each student.

Gifted with affection, I am here to honor your tireless journey of imparting wisdom and shaping futures. Together, let's revel in the joy of education, for you are the beacon that guides us towards knowledge and understanding.


She is wearing:

  • a brown tulle skirt
  • a cream top
  • a cream jacket with buttons
  • brown crochet shoes
  • brown crochet hat (removable) with small brown buttons

Her accessories include:

  • a small grey fleece handbag with brown buttons
  • a brown crochet scarf with a rose

Hanging string included.


Lenght: c.60cm (excluding hanging string)

Width of the wings: c.18cm

Weight: c.240g

Care Instructions

Not machine washable

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Our angel dolls aren't designed as toys. Parental supervision is recommended

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